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Study In Dubai

Why Study In Dubai?

Dubai is a city of world-class universities with a vibrant campus life that encourage different ethnicities and nationalities. So, if you are wondering why should you choose to live an international student life in Dubai, then look no further! This article provides you with Tan reasons for considering Dubai to pursue further studies.
While Dubai is full of exciting places for tourists to travel to, it is also a desirable destination for international students who are looking to study abroad in top-notch educational institutions. More and more students choosing Dubai for international student life are you looking to study in Dubai, considering its excellent education system, inspiring architecture, and friendly community?

Why have an International Student Life in Dubai?

Opportunity to study at renowned universities

Dubai is home to a number of universities that are world-renowned, providing an exceptional opportunity for students with a wide array of academic branches to choose from. Amidst a growing economy and expat community, the university campuses are well designed for international students, providing facilities similar to their European or Canadian counterparts.
If your dream is to study at one of the best universities in the region, Dubai can make this possible for you.

Living a luxurious lifestyle

Dubai is known to offer an expensive and lavish lifestyle experience. In a city complete with gigantic shopping malls, fancy neighborhoods, high-end restaurants, and cafes, you can enjoy your day to the fullest with your friends in the utmost comfort and luxury.
Dubai is a fully developed city with incredible skyscrapers and infrastructure. Whether it is over-the-top residences or hotels, Dubai is home to world-class buildings and structures.

Desirable accommodation for students

Finding the right accommodation in a foreign land is the most important part when studying abroad. The good news is that Dubai has plenty of accommodation options, so students can pick whatever fits their budget and requirements.
From budget apartments to luxury villas, there are lots of options to choose from. A lot of international students prefer to pick the on or off-campus accommodations arranged by their universities, which are affordable and well-maintained. Students can get a huge advantage by choosing in or off-campus accommodation because they can be closer to the campus and more pocket-friendly.

Study for a Degree in English

Studying abroad in a different country comes with the burden of learning the local language in order to understand the course’s study material. Fortunately, English, which is a widely spoken language all around the world, is also the most commonly spoken language in Dubai. English is one of the main languages for education and business and is also easier to learn than the more complicated languages.So, studying for a degree in English makes it easier to go for further education. As an international student, if you don’t understand English, then learning English provides you with opportunities to work, study and live in Dubai without any fear of communication with the local community.
The UAE education system is influenced by the western education system and that’s why you don’t have to worry for a second if you are well versed in reading and writing English.All course materials are available in English and you can earn your international degree in English, right from Dubai. All the teachers and lecturers in the schools and colleges of Dubai are well equipped with the knowledge of English since they manage lots of international students in their classes.

Safe to study, work and live

UAE has an incredibly diverse expat community and is highly appreciated for being one of the safest countries in the world. The crime index of Dubai is 16.30, which is much better when compared to other cities like Los Angeles, London, Berlin, and Sydney.
Any sort of crime proceeds to Dubai court way quicker in comparison to many developed countries. You can therefore have peace of mind when studying, working, and living in Dubai or basically, in the UAE. This is why international students enjoy a more vivacious social life in Dubai than anywhere else in the world.

Discounts for students

By owning a student ID card in Dubai, you are eligible for tons of attractive student discounts. If you learn to use them properly, it becomes easier to reduce your living cost considerably.
Students can get a special discount on their metro rides. There are also offers and discounts provided by many cafes and restaurants to students for enhancing their customer base. With just the use of a student ID card, you can enjoy a meal at those eateries.
There are many gyms and retail shops that offer more or less 10% flat discounts for students. So, an international student’s life becomes way more attractive and affordable in Dubai with the use of international student ID cards.

Golden Visa for International Students

The UAE government has introduced a new Golden Visa scheme in an attempt to welcome more and more talented students and their families from around the world. An eligible student, along with their family members, can apply under the special scheme to be granted a 10-year resident visa in UAE.
This special student visa scheme is particularly helpful in paving the way for international students who are willing to pursue their higher studies in Dubai or the UAE.

Work Opportunities for International Students

To reduce the financial burden when studying abroad in Dubai, international students are allowed to take part-time jobs, which helps cover living expenses while studying in the city.
The universities in Dubai offer on-campus jobs throughout the year and off-campus jobs during summer vacations. With a good monthly salary, students can have the opportunity to do various types of part-time jobs.

Secured Future after Finishing the Course

Every student wants a promising job after completing their course and Dubai is an exciting city to start or progress your career. The good news is that there are both national and international firms in Dubai that can provide you with promising job offers.
Salaries are also well-deserved based on talent and are exempt from income tax, so you can earn big and save even bigger.

Learn English Faster from Professionals

Want to learn English from professionals? ES Dubai can help you! We have highly qualified native teachers who are qualified and experienced in teaching and in helping you learn English using digital classroom technology.